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Instructions and Maintenance

Treat them well and they will return the favor.

Never ever wear your shoes outside. Your shoes are equipped with suede soles, to be used (in general) on wooden floors. To enhance optimal contact and feeling the soles are thin. Wearing your shoes outside will immediately damage the soles and quickly wear them out. 

Before or after each class it is recommended to use a suede shoe brush to clean the bottom of your shoes. This way they will stay clean and last longer. Brushing is needed to keep them free of wax and dirt build-up. The wax causes soles to wear out faster, since dirt particles cling to the wax and then grind into the soft suede soles.  

A common result of intensive training is the heel tips wearing out. As the heel tips are small but bear much impact this tends to happen. Wear Heel Protectors to prevent the orginal heels to wear out. As well Heel Protectors are made of rubber, allowing less slippery situations. 

Essential to dancing.